JIA BEI COUNTY PARK located in the main city of Jiading ecological cultural park area which overall master plan of 14 square kilometers. The park is the significant node of planning around the forest in Jiading new town and regard as important landmark of Shanghai urban green lung. JIA BEI COUNTY PARK is based on original ecological farmland, forest and water network, highlight the rural style of canal towns south of Yangtze and integration into the "civilizing Jiading". Meanwhile, JIA BEI COUNTRY PARK deeply excavate water rhyme so that the park provide agricultural leisure, water experience, ecological health, conservation of land, education, science and other functions.
JIA BEI COUNTY PARK located in Jiading which east to Shenhai Highway, west to North Jiasong Road, south to Jiaan Road and north to Huyi road of total area of 7.39 square kilometers. Three landscape avenue through the park which called Cedar avenue, Tallow avenue and Maple avenue in conjunction with the vertical and horizontal circle of the water network bridge, the farmland, flowers, tablet forest as a whole, to build a rich level country picture. More than 5000 acres of garden well-proportioned, reproduction of the old southern "land of plenty" style.
Seven characteristic forests which called recreational forest, ecological health forest, active forest for Children, forest for bird habitat, leisure forest, forest of sweet romance and ecological forest have their own characteristic.
JIA BEI COUNTY PARK is based on agriculture and forestry ecology, with cultural heritage as pulse and wild nature, integrate into the standard, efficient and sustainable development of the concept of management services, building an ecological homeland in the bustling city corner.